Feeding Change


Feeding Change

Catalyzing a more nutritious, sustainable, and equitable food system

About Feeding Change

We are in the midst of a food revolution fueled by global health crises, shifting consumer preferences, evolving nutrition science, geopolitical shifts, supply chain pressures, and environmental concerns. Sitting at the intersection of finance and health, the Milken Institute is uniquely situated to serve as a catalyst at this pivotal moment.

The Feeding Change initiative engages all of the centers of the Milken Institute and brings together top global CEOs, entrepreneurs, investors, academics, philanthropists, and policymakers for meaningful discussions across the latest developments in science, innovation, investment, health, and policy. Feeding Change breaks down silos and serves as the conduit for leaders across sectors to make important connections that drive the growth of business opportunities, foster new ideas, and advance global health and sustainability.

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Food and Agtech startups raised nearly $20 billion in 2019, a 250% increase over five years.


Over 40% of adult Americans have obesity.


Approximately $1 trillion of food is wasted or lost every year, accounting for 1/3 of the world’s food.


Highlight latest innovations and foster partnerships and investments to ensure the appropriate levels of human and financial capital to deliver solutions to improve global health


Develop legislative, regulatory, and corporate policies focused on improving the food system and using nutrition and agriculture as tools to advance health


Serve as a connector among key players to accelerate breakthrough ideas, fuel demand, and bolster the supply of healthy, sustainable foods while fostering a culture of health for all