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The Milken Institute’s FinTech program seeks to educate policymakers and industry stakeholders on the impact of FinTech and its implications for public policy. The program promotes responsible innovation that improves access to capital, drives financial inclusion, and fosters transparency and compliance.


Global investment in FinTech companies in 2018 was $111.8 billion

$5.5 trillion

China’s mobile payments market is $5.5 trillion, which is 50x the size of the US market


Number of countries implementing innovative regulatory initiatives

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Big Tech's Invasion of Banking

Almost a decade after the passage of the Dodd-Frank Act, what keeps bankers awake at night is not regulation by Washington, but competition from Silicon Valley. At first, competitors took the form of financial technology startups, whose avowed aim was to relegate the banks to the ash heap of history. The real threat, the bankers are coming to recognize, is big tech, not FinTech.

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