Center for Public Health and COVID-19


Center for Public Health and COVID-19

A portfolio of resources created by our experts and broad network of industry, academic, and government leaders to help navigate the field of public health during the COVID-19 outbreak.


Public health touches every aspect of being human, from individual physical and mental health to economic stability. In response to the pandemic disrupting individuals and communities worldwide, the Milken Institute Center for Public Health is curating resources, expert insights and thought leadership, and actionable solutions for now and the months to come.

As a Center, we are harnessing the intelligence and expertise of our own team members focused on our programmatic areas of chronic diseases, sustainable food systems, and mental health. In areas where our expertise is more limited, we are mobilizing our network of public, private, and nonprofit sector partners to tackle the unanswered questions this pandemic has raised.

(Program Initiative) Statistics Header

1.4 billion children out of school worldwide due to COVID-19 closures


COVID-19 is ten times deadlier than the 2009 flu pandemic


All US states and territories have reported cases of COVID-19