Reshaping Food Systems for Sustainability

Reshaping Food Systems for Sustainability




Global food trends are pointing to a disconcerting conclusion: food systems are no longer capable of supporting consumer demands in a way that is healthy, sustainable, or environmentally-friendly. Supply chains are under pressure, food regulators are struggling to keep pace with new food technology and safety concerns, and greater access to ingredients has led to over-consumption, increased waste, and non-communicable disease. But this provides tremendous opportunities to reshape the industry, led by technology companies and new investments. What are the opportunities within the food system to disrupt how food is grown, delivered, and consumed? How can consumer demands be balanced with sustainability and environmental concerns? What are the opportunities to collaborate and connect the gaps between scalable innovation, meaningful investments, sustainability, and health?

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Ryan Shadrick Wilson

Senior Advisor, Center for Public Health, Milken Institute



Heston Blumenthal OBE

Founder, The Fat Duck


Timothy Childs

CEO, Treasure8


Matilda Ho

Founder and Managing Director, Bits x Bites


Simon Lowden

President, Global Foods, PepsiCo

Published September 28, 2019