Global Overview

Asia Summit 2019

Global Overview



While the global economy continues its decade-long growth, market participants increasingly worry about visible cracks on the surface. Interest rate developments, trade worries and political insecurities, have raised downside risks across the world economy. Will accommodative policies from central banks be enough to ease investors' worries? What regional problems are most likely to spill over into international financial markets? And what are the key developments that might change the current outlook?

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Welcome Remarks

Timothy Dattels

Managing Partner, TPG Capital Asia; Chairman, Asia Center, Milken Institute



Maura Fogarty

Singapore Bureau Editor, BBC News



Benjamin Diokno

Governor, Central Bank of the Philippines


Enggartiasto Lukita

Minister of Trade, Republic of Indonesia


Michael Sabia

President and CEO, CDPQ


Wouter Van Wersch

President and CEO, GE APAC


Yue Zhang

Co-President in Strategy, CreditEase

Published September 28, 2019