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A National Network to Advance Innovative Financing for Women’s Reproductive Health

Investing in women’s reproductive health is crucial for wider economic productivity and social well-being across the United States. Research and development (R&D) in women’s health, and specifically women’s reproductive health, has been underfunded for decades. Limited investment in centralized R&D infrastructure and its coordination have left the field siloed and market opportunities fragmented, unable to reach sustainable growth and scale. Scientists and entrepreneurs compete for scant resources, hindering innovation and collaboration. Consequently, the business opportunity for women’s health, particularly reproductive health as a robust investment asset class, has yet to be realized which negatively impacts women’s health and outcomes. At the same time, no effective cross-sector infrastructure models exist to support public-private partnerships where access to shared data, analyses, syntheses, and resources are vitally needed to advance science, policy, and education.

This report examines innovative financing and partnership models that could be used to fill gaps to scale innovation and deliver equitable, high-quality care across research and development, infrastructure, products, and services for women’s reproductive health in the United States.