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Housing Finance

Housing Finance
Informing the policy debate around the future of housing markets in the US

About the Housing Finance Program

The Milken Institute Center for Financial Market’s housing finance program develops tangible solutions to the housing finance issues facing the US by addressing the substantive implications of existing, new, and proposed policies and market practices.
Owning a home is a defining aspect of the American Dream for most Americans. The health and sustainability of the US housing finance ecosystem as well as access to affordable housing—both ownership and rental—are critical to a vibrant economy and stability for individuals and families across the socioeconomic spectrum.

To tackle the structural flaws that challenge our country’s housing finance system, the Milken Institute aims to:

  • Help policymakers achieve lasting post-financial crisis reform of the primary and secondary mortgage markets.

  • Understand the challenges to home affordability and determine practical solutions to address these challenges.

  • Monitor and analyze the changing dynamics in the US housing finance ecosystem.

  • Develop solutions that promote the health and sustainability of the US housing finance ecosystem.

A Blueprint for Administrative Reform of the Housing Finance System

Even with the lack of legislation to reform the US housing finance system, bipartisan progress can still be made. Our blueprint paper for administrative reform details an effective plan for the housing finance system—keeping Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in conservatorship while ensuring the continued operation of the overall system.