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Catalyzing Strategic Philanthropy

Catalyzing Strategic Philanthropy
Shaping and motivating new giving, and managing philanthropic programs.

Visionary, strategic philanthropists, working in partnership with other sectors, have left an enduring, positive legacy on the world. While the collective challenges we currently face might seem insurmountable, philanthropy can be the catalyst that leads the way to reset systems that are calling out for change. By listening to communities and partners, and leveraging their time, expertise and financial resources, philanthropists can ensure their funds are well spent, and lead the way to a better world for all. 

The Center for Strategic Philanthropy partners with high-impact donors to shape the field of giving in a number of critical ways. We provide advisory services to emerging and experienced philanthropists. Also, through the convening power of the Milken Institute, we bring donors  together and facilitate collective learning opportunities for peers and partners. And, by analyzing the philanthropic ecosystem, we identify solutions that improve the efficiency and impact of giving. 

Solving the Philanthropist's Dilemma

The Philanthropist’s Dilemma: when donations perpetuate the problems they intend to eradicate. This report offers solutions to this issue.

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Stepping off the Sidelines: The Unrealized Potential of Strategic Ultra-High-Net-Worth Philanthropy

Today’s challenges require the resources of high-capacity philanthropists. This report offers recommendations for unlocking the strategic deployment of their capital.

Philanthropist's Field Guide

A curated resource for philanthropists at all stages of their giving journeys.

Milken-Motsepe Innovation Prize Program
The Milken-Motsepe Prize is seeking innovative ideas that will accelerate the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Registration is free and the competition is open to anyone.
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