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Giving Smarter in the Age of COVID-19

Giving Smarter in the Age of COVID-19
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About the COVID-19 Giving Smarter Guides

No region, no issue area, and no person has escaped COVID-19, the ongoing shutdowns, or the financial insecurity that has followed. 

The Center for Strategic Philanthropy (CSP) has been examining COVID-19’s impact on a number of critical issue areas. From America’s mental health care system to biomedical research, higher education, and environmental conservation, COVID-related closures, funding shortfalls, and personnel cuts have had a domino effect, stalling progress toward treatments and cures for 10,000 diseases and driving a severe mental health crisis.

These areas were already under extreme pressure before the pandemic hit. How can strategically invested philanthropic capital galvanize the changes needed to build back better? CSP’s series, “Giving Smarter in the Age of COVID 19,” examines four issue landscapes and offers a roadmap for philanthropy to lead the way toward a global systems reset. 

Infrastructure, Readiness, and Resilience: A Long-Term, Biomedical Systems-Based Response to COVID-19
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