Pacific Alliance: Leading Integration in Latin America

Pacific Alliance: Leading Integration in Latin America



The Pacific Alliance is an integrated, regional trading bloc made up of Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru. They share a population of 217 million with a combined average GDP per capita of $16,759 in purchasing power parity. The alliance provides opportunities for foreign investments as its members move toward the free movement of goods, services, resources and people. Join ambassadors from the member countries for a discussion on the outlook for the alliance and Latin America

What value does the Pacific Alliance add to the region, and how does it fit into the global trade debate?
What are the prospects for a merger with other trading blocs, such as Mercosur and ASEAN? Are designated observer states and associated countries likely to join the Pacific Alliance?
What are the greatest challenges that lie ahead?

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Julie T. Katzman, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, The Inter-American Development Bank

Gerónimo Gutiérrez, Ambassador of Mexico to the United States
Carlos Pareja, Ambassador of Peru to the United States
Juan Carlos Pinzón, Ambassador of Colombia to the United States
Juan Gabriel Valdés, Ambassador of Chile to the United States

Published August 18, 2017