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Machine learning and artificial intelligence, along with the algorithms that underpin them, hold great promise to improve healthcare decision-making and biomedical innovation. But, as these powerful tools become an integral part of our lives, they pose unique challenges in areas of personal healthcare information storage and use. What kinds of solutions could these technologies enable? What do patients and the general public need to understand—and consent to—about how their data is being used? What are the potential ethical and security downsides and pitfalls?


Ruth Reader
Health and Technology Reporter, Politico


Blythe Adamson
Director of Quantitative Sciences, Flatiron

Joe Franklin
Head of Strategic Affairs, Clinical Studies Platforms, Verily Life Sciences

John Halamka
President, Mayo Clinic Platform

Colin Hill
CEO and Co-Founder, GNS Healthcare

Cynthia Rice
Chief Mission Strategy Officer, JDRF