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The North America Semiconductor Conference: Summary of Conclusions and Recommended Actions

This publication documents the conclusions and recommended actions from the first North America Semiconductor Conference (NASC) in Washington, DC, on May 18–19, 2023. 

The conference—a key commitment from the January 2023 North American Leaders’ Summit meeting between Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and US President Joe Biden—convened high-level industry, government, and academic representatives to identify opportunities to increase the competitiveness of regional semiconductor manufacturing and enhance semiconductor supply chain resilience. The recommendations provide a roadmap for future government, industry, and academic collaboration and the newly launched North American Ministerial Committee on Economic Competitiveness.

 The summary builds on the Milken Institute’s expertise on US supply chains, international trade, and economic competitiveness, including a forthcoming report on US-Mexico semiconductor supply chains. It was prepared at the invitation of NASC organizers Arizona State University and the Semiconductor Industry Association.