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Models for Financing an Environmentally Sustainable Business Transition

There is undeniable evidence that changes to the climate impact the day-to-day lives of individuals, communities, and corporations alike. The latest report from the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), released in August 2021, confirms that increased emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG), so-called because they absorb and trap heat in the Earth’s atmosphere, have irreversible consequences. Climate change has arrived and more quickly than was predicted in previous assessments. Its repercussions, in the form of extreme heat waves, wildfires, superstorms, and flash floods, are already scarring, charring, flattening, and inundating large swaths of land, devastating cities and towns, and uprooting lives and livelihoods. With an intense focus on an environmentally sustainable future by organizations, both big and small, adapting the existing systems and developing new, cleaner technologies will be critical.