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Final Recap: Leidos CEO Pledge Collaborative Action Group

In 2021, Leidos and the Milken Institute Center for Public Health (CPH) created a partnership to address two significant crises in our country: the growing addiction epidemic and the mental health crisis that has deepened since the global COVID-19 outbreak was declared a pandemic in March 2020. The Leidos CEO Collaborative Action Group was designed to catalyze action in follow up to having organizational leaders sign the existing Leidos CEO Pledge to End Addiction. Working within a specific scope over 14 months, the three-part purpose of the Leidos CEO Collaborative Action Group was to:

  1. identify overlapping interests and expertise;

  2. accelerate employers’ development and promotion of workplace solutions to counter addiction; and

  3. respond to—and anticipate—employees’ needs with regard to broader mental health pressures such as anxiety, depression, and suicide.

The Collaborative Action Group final recap has two purposes. First, to highlight the value of mobilizing a pledge with clear actions that include partnerships and the commitment of employers to build their roles as key collaborators and stakeholders in whole-person health for their employees and communities. Second, to thank all the organizations that joined Leidos’ Pledge and/or Action Group and worked with the Milken Institute behind the scenes. More than 85 organizations participated, representing an estimated 3 million employees.
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