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Accelerating Infrastructure Investment Across the Country

Over the past quarter century, numerous commissions and studies have identified the need for a renewed commitment to infrastructure investment across the country. Even so, these findings have failed to mobilize spending for the high-quality infrastructure systems critical to US growth and competitiveness. Today, the COVID-19 pandemic has further exposed the weaknesses of our nation’s infrastructure investment system.

Despite the absence of renewed spending, a recent review of infrastructure studies indicates each $100 spent on infrastructure increases private-sector production by an average of $17 long-term. Infrastructure is also vital in the fight against existential threats like climate change and inequality

However, navigating the maze of funding sources and competing regulatory frameworks results in questions and uncertainty for public- and private-sector leaders. This report aims to overcome political ambivalence and inaction by establishing a collaborative policy framework to accelerate project delivery, increase investment, and meet local community development goals.

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