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Healthy Longevity

Healthy Longevity
We promote prevention, wellness, and scientific advancement to extend healthy life


We promote the physical, mental, cognitive, and social health of older adults by elevating strategies that influence community environments, preventive services, and individual behaviors to support healthy aging.

Brain Health

We advance strategies that optimize brain health and improve cognitive functioning for all, and address inequities in the health and economic impacts of dementia across diverse populations.

Tech-Enabled Health and Home Care 

We engage health, technology, government, and finance partners to identify and advance promising initiatives and policies, such as predictive analytics, telehealth, remote monitoring, and assistive technology.

By the Numbers


Older adults who have positive perceptions of aging live on average 7.5 years longer


of Americans who reach age 65 will someday need a high level of help with everyday activities such as bathing, dressing, and eating

12risk factors

that can reduce the risk of dementia if addressed, including: alcohol consumption, air pollution, hypertension, hearing impairment, smoking, obesity

Featured Report
Scaling Comprehensive Dementia-Care Models
This report presents actionable recommendations to advance comprehensive dementia care and implement effective payment policies.
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Three Trends Shaping the Politics of Aging in America: An Update

Read the article by Center for the Future of Aging's Senior Director, Nora Super, in the Journal of Gerontology & Geriatric Medicine

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Together Apart: Findings from the Social Isolation Impact Summit
Experts in health and aging offer innovative approaches to address the risks of isolation and loneliness in older adults.
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Routine Cognitive Screening Can Help Detect Early Signs of Dementia

Center for the Future of Aging's Nora Super and Diane Ty cover brain health and dementia prevention in this article published in STAT.

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Longevity Innovators Series
Advances in science and public health are increasing longevity and enhancing the quality of life for millions around the world. In our Longevity Innovators interview series, eighteen visionaries reveal exciting trends and insights regarding healthy longevity, sharing their visions for a better future.
Long-Term Care: A Landscape Analysis

Long-term care (LTC) is one of the nation's most pressing challenges. This landscape analysis, conducted by The Center for the Future of Aging and Innovative Finance teams, highlights the barriers to LTC needs and recommends steps to improve it throughout the United States.

Age Must Not Be Used As Primary Criteria to Deny Treatment
Featured Article in The Hill by Nora Super and James Appleby.
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Building a Dementia-Capable Workforce amid COVID-19

To address the impact COVID-19 is having on people with dementia and their caregivers, this brief analyzes recent policy and funding updates and recommends steps to build a COVID-19-ready, dementia-capable workforce.

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Social Isolation Impact Summit 07.01.20

The Motion Picture & Television Fund and the Milken Institute Center for the Future of Aging co-hosted a Social Isolation Impact to discuss innovative approaches, tools, and resources to help us all respond to the needs of older adults now.

Watch the Summit
Reducing the Cost and Risk of Dementia

This report presents goals and action items for policymakers, businesses, and communities to improve brain health, reduce disparities, and ultimately change the trajectory of this devastating disease.