Healthy Longevity


Healthy Longevity

We promote prevention, wellness, and scientific advancement to extend healthy life


We promote the physical, mental, cognitive, and social health of older adults by elevating strategies that influence community environments, preventive services, and individual behaviors to support healthy aging.

Brain Health

We advance strategies that optimize brain health and improve cognitive functioning for all, and address inequities in the health and economic impacts of dementia across diverse populations.

Integrated Health and Home Care 

With growing evidence that health and long-term services and supports can be provided at lower cost and higher quality in home-and community-based settings, we advance new models to provide comprehensive, coordinated, person-centered care.

Tech-Enabled Innovation 

To realize the promise of technology to support the health, independence, and mobility of older adults, we promote the creation and delivery of promising products and services.


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By the Numbers


Older adults who have positive perceptions of aging live on average 7.5 years longer.


of Americans who reach age 65 will someday need a high level of help with everyday activities such as bathing, dressing, and eating.

risk factors

that can reduce the risk of dementia if addressed: hearing loss, hypertension, obesity, smoking, depression, physical inactivity, social isolation, and diabetes.