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Borderless: The State of Digital Assets, Infrastructure, and Web3

2023 MEA Summit

Borderless: The State of Digital Assets, Infrastructure, and Web3

Friday, December 8, 2023
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Abu Dhabi Rosewood - Rosewood A

The digital assets industry is achieving truly global scale as it transforms finance and the internet across borders. In this session, panelists will delve into the transformative landscape of digital assets and the emerging Web3 ecosystem, where boundaries blur and opportunities expand. Eminent panelists, including leading experts from blockchain technology, finance, and decentralized applications, will explore the profound impact of these developments on global economies, banking, and society at large. Join them in navigating the uncharted waters of this dynamic digital expanse and uncovering the potential for a more interconnected and inclusive future. 

Michael Piwowar
Executive Vice President, MI Finance, Milken Institute
Jeff Bandman
Chief Operating Officer, 6529 NFT Fund and 6529 Capital; Principal, Bandman Advisors
Colin Jones
Founder and Chief Investment Officer, Outerlands Capital
Bryan Stirewalt
MENA Financial Services Regulatory Lead, EY