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Philanthropist's Field Guide

Center for Strategic Philanthropy
Philanthropist's Field Guide
A curated resource for philanthropists at all stages of their giving journeys.

About the Philanthropist's Field Guide

Donors often tell us that they don’t always know how to get started in strategic philanthropy, or what resources they can trust. The Philanthropist’s Field Guide tackles this problem by providing key information and actionable next steps through every stage of your philanthropy.

Considering Your Philanthropy Holistically

Amplify your impact by efficiently deploying your time, expertise, financial capital, and network.

Conducting Philanthropic Due Diligence

Before making an investment in an organization, it’s wise to gather deeper insight into its financial health, operating capacity, and mission alignment.

Learn About Philanthropic Due Diligence
Giving Smarter Guides

Our Giving Smarter Guides provide a deeper analysis of specific philanthropic opportunities, which highlight promising research efforts and critical funding gaps.

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