Economic dynamism and opportunity have enabled the United States to build the most innovative, resilient, and prosperous economy in the world. As we continue to confront pandemic-era economic challenges, our nation has an imperative to drive a widespread recovery that lifts individuals and communities across the country. Join us for this discussion on the current state of the economy as we explore public policy and business-led solutions to promote greater opportunity for all Americans.


Wally Adeyemo
Deputy Secretary, US Department of the Treasury


Stephanie Ruhle
Host of “The 11th Hour”, MSNBC; NBC News Senior Business Analyst, NBC News


Suzanne Clark
President and CEO, US Chamber of Commerce

Gary Cohn
Vice Chairman, IBM

Jim Himes
US Representative, Connecticut; Chairman, Committee on Economic Disparity and Fairness in Growth, US House of Representatives

Eugene Ludwig
Founder and Chair, Ludwig Institute for Shared Economic Prosperity; Author, The Vanishing American Dream; former US Comptroller of the Currency

Alan Schwartz
Executive Chairman, Guggenheim Partners