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This session will open with a conversation with Alexis Ohanian on the future of internet and how the next generation of internet entrepreneurs are building Web3, shifting culture, and creating more equity and opportunity in the infrastructure and experience of Web3.

Part 1:


Alexis Ohanian
Founder, Seven Seven Six; Co-Founder and former Executive Chairman, Reddit


Sara Eisen
Co-Anchor, "Closing Bell", CNBC

Part 2:

Web3 is predicted to be a $10 trillion industry by 2026. In contrast to Web2, this new generation of the internet promises open infrastructure, equal opportunity, transparent technology, and a shift from power held by a few to ownership by many. Web3 promises a more democratic, equitable, and inclusive ecosystem. Can Web3 truly achieve a decentralized financial structure? Or is Web3 a centralized entity with a different label? Is Web3 the answer to the distribution of internet wealth for creators, consumers, and internet users? Or is Web3 an experiment: a proxy for new economic ideas on how the Internet should be designed and structured? And will it offer a new model for how individuals should share in this value creation?


Nicole Valentine
FinTech Director, Center for Financial Markets, Milken Institute


Ric Edelman
Founder and Chairman, Digital Assets Council of Financial Professionals

Sopnendu Mohanty
Chief Fintech Officer, Monetary Authority of Singapore

Jaime Schmidt
Founder and Entrepreneur, BFF, Color Capital, and Schmidt’s Naturals

Mohammad Shaikh
Co-Founder and CEO, Aptos

Sheila Warren
CEO, Crypto Council for Innovation