Stepping off the Sidelines: The Unrealized Potential of Strategic Ultra-High-Net-Worth Philanthropy


The challenges our world is facing today will take a concerted, collaborative effort, and high-impact philanthropists are poised to lead that effort like never before.  
However, at this moment in time, only 36 percent of the world’s ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UHWNIs, defined as having a net worth of $30 million+) are engaged in philanthropy. This means that much-needed philanthropic capital is sitting on the sidelines waiting to be spent at a time when the need to address stubborn challenges is more urgent than ever. 
Who are today’s philanthropists? What causes are they championing? How is the next generation of donors going to shape the field in the future? And how can their giving be more strategic? 
This analysis offers insights on who today’s UHNWIs are, and provides recommendations for strengthening UHNWI philanthropy.

By taking on risk thoughtfully, committing to strengthen the nonprofit sector, and leaning on the philanthropic ecosystem to accelerate the adoption of sophisticated philanthropic practices, UHNWIs have the potential to build back a better world. 

Updated/Published May 25, 2020