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An Overview of Pediatric Preventive Health Care in the United States

Healthy children are the cornerstone of a healthy world. This is why ensuring that children thrive has been the focus of many philanthropic efforts over the centuries.

US-based donors who enter the space often do so because of a distressing personal experience, only to find a complex and overwhelming landscape. For many conditions, preventive care in childhood or early intervention could have made a difference to health outcomes. The life experience and personal passion that draw a philanthropist to a specific disease area can be an important motivator that drives positive change.

For philanthropists to invest their capital effectively in any pediatric disease area, it is first crucial to understand the pediatric preventive health landscape. In this research report, the Center for Strategic Philanthropy has provided a thorough review of the pediatric preventive care system, offered analysis on the organizations responsible for implementing preventive health measures, and laid out the challenges in implementing new preventive health measures for children.

In addition, the authors offer recommendations on how philanthropy can support the overall pediatric preventive care field, strengthen the system, and ensure that evidence-based preventive measures continue to be a part of routine childhood medical care.