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Shaping Environments to Shape Us: The Case for Longevity Cities

This report presents the case for Longevity Cities to tackle the challenges of global population aging. The Milken Institute Future of Aging, alongside Upali Nanda, PhD, and Harris Eyre, MD, PhD, introduce a five-pillar framework, which urges action to optimize environmental exposures, promote brain health, enhance urban livability, leverage emerging technologies, and prioritize equity. The authors stress the intricate link among climate change, health, and longevity, emphasizing the need for innovative cross-sector solutions. The framework underscores the economic impact of brain health, the role of technology in personalized health care, and the significance of community engagement.

The call for Longevity Cities extends beyond policy to include cultural richness, community involvement, and innovative financing models. This report provides a concise blueprint for a future where cities prioritize health and longevity on a global scale.