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Analysis of the FinTech Policy Landscape

The Milken Institute FinTech Program is tracking the ongoing development of FinTech-related legislation introduced in the 117th Congress. The corresponding FinTech policy landscape tracker displays the entire list of bills, grouping them directly or indirectly related to FinTech. The bills are then subcategorized within the direct and indirect categories based on the subject matter they most accurately reflect (Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Broadband, Lending, etc.). The tracker will be updated regularly as more bills are introduced. The tracker is a dynamic platform that allows users to interact with the information and inspect further details of the proposed legislation, including bill sponsors and co- sponsors, any related bills, the status of the bill, and more. This policy landscape takes a closer look at a handful of the FinTech-related bills we are tracking. The purpose of this examination is to highlight trends, make connections among related pieces of legislation, and identify possible intended or unintended consequences.