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Building Healthier Communities

Building Healthier Communities
Facilitating philanthropic investments to strengthen health systems.


The strength of any community is dependent upon a few factors: the health of its people, their  connectedness to each other and the outside world, and the resilience and sustainability of its infrastructure. A strong community must also be able to prevent disease, and withstand shocks when prevention isn’t entirely possible.  

As a risk-tolerant capital source, philanthropic dollars can create healthy communities in a variety of ways. To that end, the Center for Strategic Philanthropy works with emerging and experienced donors, guiding partners as they understand how to best use their resources to drive systems change and improve health for all.   

Supporting Wellness: Initial Findings from a Survey of Lived Experience and Research Priorities of Depression and Bipolar

This report aims to learn about the experiences of people living with depression and/or bipolar and hones in on how to use this insight to guide research prioritization and drug development efforts.

Next Generation Prevention

This report focuses on how to improve overall health and prevent disease, rather than treat disease.

Philanthropic Action for America’s Mental Health System

Long before COVID-19 became a pandemic, America’s mental health system was failing to meet the needs of people requiring care.

Uniting a Community through Philanthropy
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