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The Art of Aging: Humor and Other Ways to Age Well

2023 Global Conference

The Art of Aging: Humor and Other Ways to Age Well

Monday, May 1, 2023
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PDT
Beverly Hilton - Palm

Many factors influence how we age and whether longer lives are experienced in good or poor health. Scientists believe that genetic factors explain only 15 to 30 percent of longevity, while lifestyle factors play a more significant role in why some of us live longer. Optimal sleep can slow biological aging and decrease the risk of dementia. Proper nutrition and when we eat can help prevent the development of disease and boost longevity. Even laughter has a role to play by triggering healthy physical changes, strengthening our immune system, and diminishing pain. This session will explore the science of laughter and its link to longevity, discuss the latest lifestyle behaviors to protect our brains, and give us ways to joke, sleep, and eat our way to better health.

Nicholas St. Fleur
Science Reporter, Associate Editorial Director of Events and Host of Color Code Podcast, STAT
Chip Conley
Founder and CEO, Modern Elder Academy
Dani Klein Modisett
CEO and Founder, Laughter on Call
Lauren Miller Rogen
Filmmaker; Co-Founder, Hilarity for Charity
Sarah Richardson
Chief Digital and Information Officer, Tivity Health