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Public Finance Forum 2022

January 13–14, 2022
Public Finance Forum 2022
Managing Risk, Delivering Equity

About Public Finance Forum 2022

The Public Finance Forum offered a unique networking platform for innovators, investors, and issuers who are committed to the equitable development of essential services like public safety, broadband, and education. This event featured public and private sessions that explored how the $4 trillion public-sector economy can tackle challenges related to ESG for Munis, Resilient Infrastructure Deployment, Outcomes-Based Financing, and Government Performance & Innovation.

Meet the Speakers
This forum featured speakers such as State of Connecticut Treasurer Shawn Wooden, Mayor Michael Hancock of Denver, Chicago CFO Jennie Bennett, and more.
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Cross-Sector Leaders
The forum linked government leaders, institutional and impact investors, philanthropists, community conveners, and applied academics.
National and Local Market Reach
Public plenary sessions were livestreamed to expand the event's reach to media, state capitals, and partners.
2021 Forum Speakers
The 2021 forum featured top speakers, such as Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, economist Austan Goolsbee, and Oregon State Treasurer Tobias Read.
Aligned Events
Held alongside the CFO Forum each year, the Public Finance Forum 2022 will include additional opportunities for aligned partner events and private caucuses, including Financial Innovations Labs and the National Predevelopment Caucus.

Forum Schedule

Jan 13: Plenary Sessions and Breakouts
Jan 14: Aligned Events

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