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Aligning Solutions for Climate Change and Public Health

Aligning Solutions for Climate Change and Public Health

December 7 at 9 am PT/12 pm ET


Overwhelming evidence continues to suggest that climate change is multiplying threats to human health, with adverse effects on disease prevalence, chronic health conditions, mental health, and the availability of food. Experts project that the multiple impacts of climate change will rival the leading global causes of death by the end of the century, with the greatest risks to children, underserved communities, and regions lacking adequate infrastructure. This year broke numerous global climate records and, as we look to the new year, the outlook is no different. New leadership and actionable solutions are needed to build momentum for research, public awareness, and policies that create more equitable health solutions through addressing climate resilience. The panelists will explore how funders, scientific and population experts, governments, and the private sector can break down investment silos to strategically amplify health investments through the inclusion of climate initiatives.


Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim
President, Association for Indigenous Women and Peoples of Chad (AFPAT); Fellow, Conservation International

Lucas Joppa
Chief Environmental Officer, Microsoft

Jennifer Morris
CEO, The Nature Conservancy

Brian Sheth
Chairman, Sheth Sangreal Foundation

Lauren Underwood
US Representative, Illinois; Co-Chair, Black Maternal Health Caucus


Anne Thompson
New Chief and Chief Environmental Affairs Correspondent, NBC News