Outsmarting Superbugs: What Are the Alternatives?


Outsmarting Superbugs: What Are the Alternatives?



The challenges in developing new antibiotics have left us vulnerable to growing antimicrobial resistance. The lack of investment and slow movement in the development pipeline mean no replacements for ineffective antibiotics as drug resistance spreads. Without new antibiotics and treatments, an estimated 10 million people a year will die by 2050. What novel therapies and technologies can we utilize to bolster the human microbiome and combat antimicrobial resistance? And how can we effectively save the new antibiotics currently in development for future generations?

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Margaret Hamburg

Foreign Secretary, National Academy of Medicine



Matthew Hepburn

Program Manager, Biological Technologies Office, DARPA


Peter Jackson

Executive Director, AMR Centre


Nancy Knight

Director, Division of Global Health Protection, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Jeanette Mucha

Co-Founder and CEO, SciBac Inc.


Peter Piot

Director and Handa Professor of Global Health, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine