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50 years ago, the world saw the first man on the moon. Today, we've set our sights further--77.8 million km further--to Mars. Despite massive risks, investment in the space industry has taken off. The global space economy, valued at $360 billion today, is estimated to grow to $1.1 trillion by 2040. The possibility of space travel and colonization have grabbed most of the headlines and public interest, but there is significant potential in other areas of the industry. From low-cost rockets and high-speed delivery to satellite broadband and asteroid mining, where do the opportunities lie in an industry that literally reaches for the stars?


Thoo Wee Meng

Head of Investments, TMT Sector, Leonie Hill Capital



Motoyuki Arai

Founder and CEO, Synspective Inc.


Takafumi Horie

Founder and Director, Interstellar Technologies Inc.


Jonathan Hung

President and Founder, Singapore Space and Technology Association


Veenarakesh Nagaraja Rao

Director of Design and Engineering, Centum Electronics


Zee Zheng

Co-Founder and CEO, SpaceChain