Diabetes and Obesity: An Urgent Global Health Crisis


Diabetes and Obesity: An Urgent Global Health Crisis



Despite many treatments and technological advances, the health of the US and global populations continues to decline. Chronic disease continues to increase and have a detrimental effect on personal health and health-care costs. Why is this and what can be done differently to find a solution? Public-health experts, providers, and those living with diabetes will discuss what should be done differently to reverse this trend.

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Edward Greissing
Executive Director, Center for Public Health, Milken Institute



Hawaa Almansoori
Deputy Medical Director, Imperial College London Diabetes Centre Abu Dhabi; Chairman, Sonostik LLC


Kathy Higgins
CEO, Alliance for a Healthier Generation


Deborah B. Horn
Medical Director, Center for Obesity Medicine and Metabolic Performance, University of Texas McGovern Medical School


Randy Jackson
Musician, Record Producer, and Entrepreneur