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For years, leaders across sectors, institutions and industries have talked about the importance of prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion. Some, but not all, have supplemented their words with actions. Those whose actions match their words are actively building out the pathways, platforms, and pipeline to ensure that the workforce of the future is more inclusive, more sustainable, and more representative than the workforce of today. How can educational institutions, regional and national economies, diversified capital sources, public companies and private corporations work together to implement systemic approaches to expanding opportunities for traditional and nontraditional students and workers from diverse geographies and identities? What are the practical steps we can take to diversify the workforce pipeline? What can we do to ensure the underrepresented are no longer underserved or underestimated?


Rusty Greiff
Chief Strategy and Growth Officer, Jobs For the Future


Gene Block
Chancellor, UCLA

Eduardo Cetlin
President, Amgen Foundation; Executive Director, Philanthropy & ESG

Lisa Gevelber
Founder, Grow with Google, Google

Maurice Jones
President and CEO, OneTen