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Values and Value: Rethinking Higher Education

Values and Value: Rethinking Higher Education

October 18 at 3:30 pm PDT /5:30 pm EDT

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted higher education, unlike anything before it. With colleges and universities in the United States closing their doors and turning to some version of online instruction, higher-education leaders have been forced to rethink and rearticulate their business models, teaching models, admissions and enrollment models, on-campus resources, and even their value propositions. What is the value of on-campus higher education in a post-COVID world? What are the values and priorities of higher education in a post-COVID-19 crisis world?


Jeffrey Selingo
Contributor, The Atlantic and The Washington Post; Author, "Who Gets In and Why: A Year Inside College Admissions"


Gene Block
Chancellor, University of California, Los Angeles

Daphne Kis
CEO, WorldQuant University

Jeff Maggioncalda
CEO, Coursera

G. Gabrielle Starr
President, Pomona College