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COVID-19 catalyzed a shift in thinking about patients—not just as individuals with diverse needs but as families, members of social networks, and communities. Understanding the need for a collective, collaborative approach, stakeholders across the health ecosystem have partnered in innovative ways to meet the unique needs of individuals, communities, and patient populations. Approaches have been designed to boost confidence in public health systems and address public health misinformation. Speakers in this session will spotlight innovative public-private partnerships and models that have emerged in response to the pandemic: lessons we can learn and apply in the future.


Glenna Crooks
President and CEO, Strategic Health Policy International Inc.


Shamiram Feinglass
Senior Vice President of Global Medical Affairs & Policy; Chief Medical Officer, Danaher Corporation

Judy Monroe
President and CEO, CDC Foundation

Emily Yu
Executive Director, The BUILD Health Challenge

Heather Zenk
President, Distribution Services and Supply Chain Operations, AmerisourceBergen