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In 2019, the Business Roundtable "redefined the purpose of a corporation to promote 'An Economy That Serves All Americans.'" In 2020, responding to a renewed focus on racial injustice and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, some companies pledged to give hundreds of millions of dollars to address these pressing issues—the top 50 US corporations alone pledged a total of $49.5 billion. This panel will ask, what is driving corporate philanthropy now, in 2022? What strategies can help ensure meaningful positive impact for communities? What changes are needed to ensure more effective and accountable corporate giving? And how will corporate philanthropy continue to evolve?


Melissa Stevens
Executive Director, Center for Strategic Philanthropy, Milken Institute


David Heath
Co-Founder and CEO, Bombas

Graham Macmillan
President, Visa Foundation

Naomi Morenzoni
Senior Vice President, Philanthropy, Salesforce

Dalila Wilson-Scott
Executive Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer, Comcast Corporation