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Lessons Learned: Examining the Philanthropic Response to COVID-19

Lessons Learned: Examining the Philanthropic Response to COVID-19

June 22, 12:00 pm PDT / 3:00 pm EDT

According to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy, philanthropists from around the world responded to COVID at levels that were orders of magnitude higher than any other human crisis. To mitigate the next pandemic, which, experts say, is bound to happen, it is crucial to evaluate philanthropy's response to this one. What lessons can be extrapolated and used to respond to future pandemics? What infrastructural gaps were exposed that philanthropy is best positioned to fill? Experts will discuss the evolving role of philanthropic funding during the COVID-19 pandemic and explore how collaborative, strategic investments can better prepare us for future crises.


Melissa Stevens
Executive Director, Center for Strategic Philanthropy, Milken Institute


Eric Braverman
CEO, Schmidt Futures

Graham Macmillan
President, Visa Foundation

Anil Soni
CEO, WHO Foundation


Infrastructure, Readiness, and Resilience: A Long-Term, Biomedical Systems-Based Response to COVID-19