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Medical Supply Chains During the Pandemic: Lessons Learned and Best Practices

Medical Supply Chains During the Pandemic: Lessons Learned and Best Practices

June 23 at 12:00 pm PDT / 3:00 pm EDT  

The COVID-19 pandemic tested US and global supply chains by requiring the production and distribution of hundreds of millions of units of key medical products at unprecedented speed. In contrast to earlier crises, when local shortages could be solved by shifting products from unaffected markets, the pandemic caused a worldwide spike in demand that removed the slack from supply chains, creating new logistical challenges.

Ultimately, the supply chain proved resilient enough to deliver essential supplies on an unprecedented scale. However, the crisis shed light on vulnerabilities in national preparedness and the need for greater coordination and collaboration.

As we emerge from this crisis, the supply chain is applying lessons learned and best practices to prepare for the next one. How can the public and private sector work together to make sure the United States is ready for the next public health crisis?


Nicholas Florko
Washington Correspondent, STAT


Chester "Chip" Davis, Jr.
President and CEO, Healthcare Distribution Alliance

Nicolette Louissaint
Executive Director, Healthcare Ready

Bill Peacock
Chief of Operations, Cleveland Clinic

Matthew Wilson
Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company, Inc.


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