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Part 2

The dream of longevity science is to enable longer and healthier lives for people across the planet. Delaying and curing age-related debilitating conditions, including Alzheimer's, cancer, and heart disease, will allow us to live in better health regardless of age. And emerging technologies, including those that alter, maintain, and monitor brain function, could ultimately extend healthy lives for decades. Preventing disease before people get sick could also dramatically reduce health-care expenditures globally. Researchers into the science of aging are at the threshold of new knowledge, ideas, and innovations. And investors are paying close attention. This panel will explore the medical opportunities and possibilities at this revolutionary time for longevity science.


Alexandra Bause
Co-Founder and Head of Venture, Apollo Health Ventures


Shai Efrati
Co-Founder and Chairman of the Aviv Medical Advisory Board, Aviv Clinics

Amit Etkin
Founder and CEO, Alto Neuroscience

Mehmood Khan
CEO, Hevolution Foundation

Sergey Young
Founder, Longevity Vision Fund