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October 19 at 3:30 pm PDT / 6:30 pm EDT

The devastating arc of the coronavirus awakened society to structural inequalities, institutional and cultural biases, and ever-growing gaps in income, education, health, and opportunity. In our inaugural study last year, the pandemic exposed deficits in leadership, governance, and political, social, and economic policy. As Harris Poll data revealed, people increasingly want companies to help solve social challenges where governments are failing. Now, as an uneven recovery begins, how can business make a real difference? What new leadership skills and competencies are required? And how do they co-exist with running a company, fostering innovation, and delivering value to shareholders and stakeholders? Building on robust global research and insight from 2020, the Milken Institute's Listening Project examined the post-pandemic priority issues of global citizenry to identify the types of business leaders we need to drive growth and foster a more just world.


John Gerzema
CEO, The Harris Poll


Ynon Kreiz
Chairman and CEO, Mattel Inc.

Michael Nyenhuis
President and CEO, UNICEF USA

Sam Stephens
Executive Director, AB InBev Foundation

Stephanie von Friedeburg
Senior Vice President, Operations, International Finance Corporation