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Global Conference registration is open! Join thought leaders, May 5–8, 2024, in shaping a shared future through discussions on global issues, innovation, and collective progress.

May 3 at 4:00 pm PDT | Big Ideas to Invest In and Heal the Planet

May 3 at 4:00 pm PDT | Big Ideas to Invest In and Heal the Planet

Net-zero by 2050 is a simple statement. How we achieve it is not. To keep the earth's temperature from rising above 1.5 degrees Celsius, we need a suite of new technologies to help us live with a lower impact. No one sector or technology will solve climate change, and these leaders have developed "blow your mind" technologies to help the world clean up its act. Climate tech targets both mitigation and adaptation. In 2021, the climate tech sector received $32 billion of venture capital funding and $25 billion of private equity investments. It is one of the fastest-growing areas, and some of the world's most well-known philanthropists and investors are playing a significant role. Join this session to hear from companies trying to change our climate future.


Rich Powell
CEO, Clear Path


Caroline Cochran
Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Oklo Inc.

Cody Finke
Co-Founder and CEO, Brimstone Energy

Alie Pruner
Board Chair, Malta Inc.

Gaurav Sant
Professor and Director, Institute for Carbon Management, UCLA