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June 23 at 7:30 am PDT / 10:30 am EDT 

In the landscape of new, potentially curative cell and gene therapies, many uncertainties remain including how to pay for them. Value assessment approaches have been looked to as a way to achieve higher-value healthcare and many efforts are aimed at centering the patient perspective. Although we've come a long way, much work remains to be done to ensure that determinations of the value of cell and gene therapies integrate the perspectives of those they are intended to help: Patients. In this session, experts will discuss the progress that has been made in recent years as well as remaining gaps and challenges that we should urgently work to address.


Jennifer Bright
Executive Director, Innovation and Value Initiative


Angela Banks
Vice President, External Affairs, UnitedHealth Group

Alasdair Milton
Managing Director, Healthcare and Life Sciences Strategy, KPMG

Steve Pearson
President, Institute for Clinical and Economic Review

Mark Skinner
President and CEO, Institute for Policy Advancement Ltd


"One-and-done" gene therapies. A near-term niche?