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The past two years have been marked by moments that define a generation—the COVID-19 pandemic, supply chain breakdowns, a shift in American political power, unprecedented social movements, and more have all fundamentally changed how leaders lead. As the next decade unfurls and we look ahead to the uncertainty it may bring, how can C-suite members provide steadying and calm guidance for their companies? This panel featuring leaders from the health-care sector will seek answers to the question: How do you lead through the unknown?


Bertha Coombs
Reporter, CNBC


Bruce Broussard
President and CEO, Humana

Lawrence Tabak
Performing the Duties of the NIH Director, National Institutes of Health

John Wigneswaran
Chief Medical Officer, Walmart

Angela Williams
President and CEO, United Way Worldwide

George Yancopoulos
Co-Founder, President, and Chief Scientific Officer, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals