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While the global coronavirus pandemic highlighted numerous shortcomings of current health care systems, it helped accelerate the implementation of new systems and innovative health-tech solutions to address needs. As countries recover and reopen, how have health systems adapted to enable good health and well-being more efficiently and, at the same time, remain prepared for future pandemics? What are some new instances of integrating technology into patient engagement and care? What's the future of personalized care in an increasingly digitalized, post-pandemic world?


Esther Krofah
Executive Vice President, Health, Milken Institute


Jeff Chen
Chief Strategy Officer, WeDoctor

Ahmed Elhusseiny
Area Head, APAC, Roche

Sharon Goldfeld
Theme Director, Population Health, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute

John C.W. Lim
Chairman, Consortium for Clinical Research and Innovation, Singapore (CRIS)

Ganen Sarvananthan
Managing Partner, TPG Capital Asia