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Registration for the 11th annual Asia Summit in Singapore September 18-20 is now open!

Global Trends: What's Happening Now

Global Trends: What's Happening Now

November 15 at 2:20 pm SGT

Humanity's achievements over the last few centuries have been nothing short of extraordinary. More efficient and interconnected markets have animated a prolonged period of prosperity, peace, and stability and advancements in science and technology have pushed health and longevity, connectivity, and even enabled us to venture into the cosmos. But this progress has come at a cost for which humanity is now paying: environmental degradation, geopolitical turmoil, economic inequalities, and global health pandemics. Where will these global trends leave us in the future? How can humanity's prowess be re-aligned to heal a sickened planet? How can we ensure that future generations are able to continue pushing above and beyond?

Opening Remarks

Heng Wing Chan
Singapore Non-Resident Ambassador to the Republic of Austria


Elena Okorochenko
Managing Director and Head of Asia-Pacific, S&P Global Ratings


Parag Khanna
Founder and Managing Partner, FutureMap; Author, "Move: How Mass Migration Will Shape the World and What it Means for You"

Kishore Mahbubani
Distinguished Fellow, Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore

Ahmed Saeed
Vice-President for East Asia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific, Asian Development Bank