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Early Warning Surveillance and Preventing the Next Pandemic

Early Warning Surveillance and Preventing the Next Pandemic

June 23 at 6:00 am PDT / 9:00 am EDT

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown into stark relief the gaps in the global ability to quickly identify, track, and combat the emergence of pathogenic threats. Such menaces include formerly unknown viruses of epidemic potential as well as the development of antibiotic resistance that threatens medical practice. As we fight the current pandemic and struggle to identify best ways to reopen communities worldwide, the need for a coordinated, active early warning system is more acute than ever. Now is the time to unite the global health community in mobilizing such a network. Leaders at the forefront of addressing this pandemic and preventing another will discuss what it will take to build an active, coordinated, and sustainable early warning system to detect and combat future threats.

Opening Remarks

Sally Davies
UK Special Envoy on Antimicrobial Resistance, UK Government; Master of Trinity College, Cambridge


Betsy McKay
Senior Writer, The Wall Street Journal


Rick Bright
Senior Vice President, Pandemic Prevention and Response, Health Initiative, The Rockefeller Foundation

Dennis Carroll
Senior Advisor for Global Health Security, University Research Co; Chair, Leadership Board, Global Virome Project

Phil Febbo
Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President, Illumina

Christine Parthemore
CEO, Council on Strategic Risks


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