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We are truly living in a time of immense technological progress and promise, with major advancements in AI, clean energy, and cures to deadly diseases. However, for early-stage investors the big question is always: What's the next big thing? What strategies do we have to identify the technologies that will be truly disruptive going forward? How do investors listen for the signal through the noise? Should the VC market be concerned about the recent decline in technology stock prices and a possible disconnect between public and private market valuations?


James Montgomery
Co-Founder and Managing Partner, March Capital


Brady Dougan
Founder and CEO, Exos Financial

David Gowdey
Managing Partner, Jungle Ventures

Cameron Lester
Managing Director and Co-Head of Global Technology Investment Banking, Jefferies

Anton Levy
Co-President, Managing Director, and Global Head of Technology Investing, General Atlantic

Blythe Masters
Founding Partner, Motive Partners