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Technology has undoubtedly disrupted and transformed life as we know it—and continues to do so. In most ways, that disruption has contributed to the advancement of our society as a whole. However, that disruption has also worked to further reinforce divisions between "haves", "have nots" and "have lots." From banking to governance to security to consumerism—new digital pathways have increased communication, enhanced productivity and enable us to create a prosperous future. In what ways have technological developments of the past decade helped to usher forth the digital transformation? How can we build upon the advancements of yesterday to reimagine digital and physical infrastructure that ensures greater connectivity and access to opportunity for all?


Jared Carney
Founder and CEO, Lightdale, LLC


Eric Adams
Mayor, City of New York

Howard Boville
Senior Vice President and Head of IBM Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud, IBM

Brad Garlinghouse
CEO, Ripple

Ambereen Toubassy
CFO, AirTable