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Researchers, product developers, and even patient advocates are often hesitant to use the term "cure" for fear of setting unrealistic expectations or giving false hope. But recent years have seen the approval of a number of treatments that are "curative" for conditions such as hepatitis C and inherited retinal diseases, among others—and many more are on the way. What new therapies are in the pipeline? What risks and opportunities do they present for providers and patients? Will they challenge established business models? What changes in policy, financing and other areas might be needed to ensure that promising products make it to market and are accessible to patients?


Kristin Pothier
Principal, National and Global HCLS Deal Advisory and Strategy Leader, KPMG


Adaeze Enekwechi
Operating Partner, Welsh, Carson, Anderson, & Stowe

Matthew Gline
CEO, Roivant Sciences

Carl Gordon
Managing Partner, OrbiMed Advisors

Aaron Kowalski
President and CEO, JDRF

Chuck Ryan
President and CEO, Prostate Cancer Foundation