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November 15 at 1:40 pm SGT

Cryptocurrency is an asset class that has captured the attention of governments and investors around the world. Tweets from celebrities and high-profile leaders have sent prices surging and, at other times, plummeting. Cryptocurrency improves financial inclusion, transparency, and transaction cost. On the other hand, uncertainty surrounds its use and the corresponding regulatory environment. With countries such as China cracking down on bitcoin trading and mining, what does the future hold for crypto assets? How should regulators approach cryptocurrency as it gains a deeper foothold in transactions while remaining relatively volatile?


Gerald Goh
Co-founder and CEO Singapore, Sygnum

Sopnendu Mohanty
Chief Fintech Officer, Monetary Authority of Singapore

Justin Sun
Founder, TRON

Michael Wu
Co-Founder and CEO, Amber Group

Flex Yang
Co-Founder & CEO, Babel Finance


Sharon Paul
Head of Payments (SEA), Xfers