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City CFOs: Report from the Frontlines of Public Finance

City CFOs: Report from the Frontlines of Public Finance

Since COVID-19 hit, city budgets and revenues have seesawed from famine to feast (and back again), depending on the city. Cities reliant on the service industry or dependent on sales tax revenue are still reeling; cities with strong property tax bases are doing better. Municipal CFOs' real conditions vary greatly depending on the breadth and mix of their economies and overall city health as it relates to COVID-19. The administration's American Rescue Plan (ARP) includes initiatives to counteract the economic slowdown due to COVID-19 and revitalize small and medium sized businesses. Hear three innovative city CFOs explain their approaches to making efficient use of ARP's programs.


Lois Scott
President and CEO, Epoch Advisors


Brendan Hanlon
Chief Financial Officer, City and County of Denver, Colorado

Jennie Huang Bennett
Chief Financial Officer, City of Chicago, Illinois

Elizabeth Reich
Chief Financial Officer, City of Dallas, Texas